Employees of the Extremism Combating Center issued a warning to opposition politician Magomed Khazbiyev against organizing unsanctioned actions, the regional branch of the «Civic Initiative» party reported.

«If the authorities want to somehow secure themselves against provocations, they are looking for them in the wrong place. The main provocateurs in all the elections of the past 20 years are the representatives of the CEC in Ingushetia. That’s who really ought to be given a warning, because the unbelievable, non-existent election results drawn by these comrades are the main provocation of the people. We’re not going to do anything outside the law,» said Khazbiyev, whose words are quoted on the party’s Instagram page.

It is noted that in addition to Magomed Khazbiyev, two other members of the Civic Initiative were cautioned.

Magomed Khazbiyev is the leader of the Civic Initiative, an opposition party in Ingushetia that was disqualified from the elections. The party believes that the decision of the local Election Commission is related to the desire to eliminate competition to the ruling party.

Fortanga earlier reported that Magomed Khazbiyev was summoned to the Central Election Commission (CEC) in Ingushetia after he sent a video message to Ramzan Kadyrov on May 1. Investigators were interested in who owns the YouTube channel on which the video was published and the motives behind this recording.

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