Movsar Temirbiyev, a resident of the village of Kartsa, Prigorodny district, was arrested for disobedience to the police. He was planted with drugs and is being prepared for a criminal case, the lawyer said.

The law enforcers detained 43-year-old Ingush Movsar Temirbiyev in Vladikavkaz on December 8. Temirbiyev, who was sick with coronavirus, was on his way to a pharmacy to buy medicine, but a GAZelle suddenly stopped next to him, lawyer Khusen Guliyev told Fortanga. According to him, masked men ran out of there and threw Temirbiyev to the ground. As he lay there, he felt something being put behind his belt and in his pocket, Guliev said.

The law enforcers later said that they found a pistol and a matchbox of drugs in Temirbayev’s possession, the lawyer noted.

Movsar was taken to the special detention center in Vladikavkaz, and the court arrested him for five days, but not in a criminal case, but under an administrative article, Guliev explained.

The lawyer believes that the administrative material against Temirbiev is fabricated. «Allegedly he was shouting and disrespectful to the representatives of the authorities when he was arrested. I objected in court: how could a man in such a state, with his head pressed to the ground, somehow disobey and insult someone? But the judge turned a blind eye to our arguments. Apparently, a criminal case has not been opened yet, the CPE MIA needs time to prepare,» said Guliev.

Guliev suggested that the reason for the law enforcers’ interest in Temirbiyev may be their unwillingness to see him in the village of Kartsa and in North Ossetia in general. «He served 15 years under a terrorist article and was released five years ago after it was decriminalized. People who introduced themselves to Movsar [members of the law enforcement agency] often advised him to leave. They promised that they wouldn’t leave him alone,» said the lawyer.

Guliev said that he was preparing complaints to the prosecutors of Vladikavkaz and the republic. The law enforcers wanted to conceal the fact of his arrest and bringing him to court, but they failed, he said.

Relatives told Fortanga that Temirbiyev was 43 years old, released about five years ago, married, had children, and worked as a cab driver in a car given to him by his brother.

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