Ingush student Ali Dzeitov has not been in touch with his relatives for over 20 days. It is known that Dzeitov went on hunger strike against the actions of Egyptian authorities towards him.

The student was transferred to a special section for striking prisoners. Dzeitov is in an extremely serious condition because he refuses to break his hunger strike, which is why he is being carried on a stretcher or in a wheelchair, cellmates said.

Egyptian authorities ignore inquiries about the condition of the Ingush student. The relatives fear that if human rights activists do not take action, Dzeitov may die.

Recall that on August 14, 2018, students from Ingushetia were detained in Cairo. For six months there was no information about them, which means that in fact they were kidnapped. In February 2019, Egyptian authorities acknowledged the detention of four of the five students. At the end of January 2021, thanks to the efforts of their relatives, human rights activists, journalists, and representatives of the Russian authorities and special services, three of the detained students returned home. Nothing is still known about the fate of Khizir Dugiev, and Ali Dzeitov still remains in an Egyptian prison. In February 2021, Ingush human rights activist Magomed Mutsolgov published a letter to Dzeitov in which he called on people who cared about him to help secure his release. The student insists that he did nothing illegal.

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