In the house of culture of rural settlement Nesterovskoye there was a «meeting» of citizens on the issue of construction of a military training ground in the region. The initially conceived private event, where only the «select few» were invited, was not a success, a local resident told Fortanga.

According to him, information about the rally was kept secret from local residents. But word of the event leaked onto social media, and immediately after the rally began, «non-fake» people began to arrive at the DC. As a result, the number of dissenters outnumbered the visiting guests.

«At the beginning the commander of the 58th Army Mikhail Zusko and VRIO of the regiment commander Igor Ivanov started telling a rote text about how necessary the polygon is for the region. They say, it will create as many as 100 jobs, the shells will fly only to where they will be sent, they will allow to mow grass for FREE at the range and graze cows when there is no shooting. He also said that our village will receive a big financial advantage in buying soldiers to go to the range. He gave the example of a trip to Crimea, he said that the neighboring settlements were noticeably enriched with soldiers there.», said Fortange, a local resident who took part in the event.

According to a local resident, representatives of the military department said that about 2,500 people, most of whom will be locals, will serve in the new unit at the training ground. The source noted that at that moment a young man in the hall expressed his displeasure. He asked what criteria would be used for recruiting locals into the armed forces, if he applied six times even to the active military unit in the rural settlement Troitskoye and was asked for a bribe of 600 thousand rubles.

The source also said that local youths made an appeal against the construction of the landfill. Osman Ozdoyev, the elder of Nesterovskoye village, also expressed his categorical disagreement, based on the unanimous opinion of the population. At this point, one of the people in the audience, a resident of Sunzha, began talking about the advantages of locating a landfill in the region. This has become a catalyst for an already heated situation,» says the source.

«It was clearly a hit-and-run. People began to express discontent, some shouted from their seats, some stood up, the police ineptly calmed people down and from that the chaos and confusion began,» recalls a local resident. Everyone jumped up from their seats, the scuffles began. At this point, the military technically began to flush out. But they were detained by locals and started interrogating them on the way out».

As a result, according to witnesses, representatives of the Ministry of Defense admitted that the decision to build the landfill was made back in 2018 and it will not be changed, despite the indignation of residents. The source concluded that the residents left angry and disillusioned with the authorities, but with the firm intention to go all the way.

Recall, for the first time the creation of a military training ground and placement of military infrastructure facilities in Ingushetia was announced in 2018 by the then head of the region Yunus-Bek Evkurov. The financial interests of the former chief and now deputy minister of defence are involved in the construction of the facility, a source told Fortanga.

Earlier, Fortanga reported that archaeologists discovered a huge medieval necropolis consisting of stone boxes and catacombs, as well as a concentration of rare, unique flora and fauna on the land where the authorities are planning to build a military training ground.

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