On July 24th Nazranovsky District Court ordered the arrest of Abbas Khamkhoyev, suspected of illegal possession of explosive devices. Lawyer Magomed Aushev told Fortanga about it.

According to him, Abbas Khamkhoyev will be kept for two months in the detention center in Karabulak where he will be transferred today from the temporary detention facility in Nazran. The lawyer said he plans to appeal the verdict today.

Abbas Khamkhoyev will be charged within 10 days. He is now in the status of a suspect. Article 222.1 of the Criminal Code provides for a punishment of 6 to 8 years’ imprisonment.

The suspect’s arrest was motivated by the fact that he might abscond, although Khamkhoyev himself assured the court that he had no intention to escape. «I will not hide, I have children, I have no money to be on the run. I have a sick elderly mother and three children. I will not run away, I will comply with all orders,» the lawyer conveyed the words of his client.

Khamkhoyev, according to the court order, will be under arrest for two months. Further, in order to extend such a preventive measure, the court would need objective evidence. «That is, in two months, the investigation will have to find other grounds for this preventive measure. In principle, under the factual circumstances, which the court takes into account, there may be real estate abroad, a passport, some undiscovered evidence, which the suspect could destroy or prevent access to them by the investigator,» explained the lawyer.

At the trial, Khamkhoyev confirmed the earlier confession given to the investigator. The lawyer Magomed Aushev sees no obvious violations of the law. In his opinion, the confession was given without pressure. «I examined him, there are no signs of physical torture on him. According to him, he confessed to everything absolutely voluntarily. In any case, since the initial explanations he gave to the FSS without a lawyer, they will not be taken into account by the court. But he confirmed them in my presence. This is his decision,» said the lawyer.

We should remind you that on July 22 Abbas Khamkhoyev was detained at his home in the village of Yandare, where he lives with his parents, brother and three young children. During the search, in which none of the relatives were present, law enforcers allegedly discovered an improvised explosive device similar to a grenade. For 24 hours Khamkhoyev’s whereabouts were unknown and his relatives reported that he had been kidnapped. In the morning of 23 July the suspect was found in the Nazran temporary detention facility. As it turned out, Khamkhoyev was initially placed in the republican department of the FSB, where he was not allowed to see a lawyer, violating his right to legal assistance.

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