Yesterday, on July 11, a group of men came to the office of the Civil Initiative party in Magas, who wanted to put pressure on the opposition activists, said activist Isropil Nalgiev. Magomed Khazbiyev, chairman of the party’s regional branch, told Fortanga that their team continues to work as usual today.

According to Isropil Nalgiev, yesterday they were visited by people «from the side of those close to the head of Kalimatov» who were dissatisfied with their criticism of the Ingush leader. «Sensing the absolute lack of chances for fair elections, the authorities started provocations? Magomed Khazbiyev and the entire party, of course, will not agree to such conditions, as they explicitly stated there. The aim of the party is transparent and honest politics. And not to gloss over problems for the benefit of anyone,» Nalgiev wrote on his Instagram page.

Magomed Khazbiyev, chairman of the regional branch of the Civic Initiative, told Fortanga that the conversation with relatives of high-ranking officials went on without any threats to party members. «We talked, explained our positions, that we have already been working for 15 years and we say [criticism]. If not me, it will be someone else: they will talk about human rights violations and lawlessness, about the lies of the authorities. Everyone appeals to the law, but in fact, those who shout about it the most, they violate it. We continue our work, at the moment we are in our office, we continue in the same mode. Someone is describing that someone ran over us, scared us — this is all a lie. There is no point in beating and frightening the beaten and the frightened,» Khazbiyev summed up.

The oppositionist noted that the «Civic Initiative» party intends to participate in parliamentary elections in Ingushetia.

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