The Magas police found no violations during a flash mob in support of President Vladimir Putin involving students of Ingush State University on February 6.
Lawyer Magomed-Basir Ozdoyev told Fortanga that he had received a response from the Magas City Police Department to his request to verify the legality of the event in front of the Concord Tower in the city centre. The police said the action was coordinated and did not violate anti-code restrictions.

University students did participate in the rally that day, but the rally was sanctioned, according to the department’s response of June 28.
This completely contradicts the city prosecutor’s office’s March 10 response, the lawyer said. «When I first wrote a complaint about this flash mob, the Magas prosecutor’s office found out that the event was unauthorized, it was held in violation of quarantine measures, and there were no students from Ingushetia State University involved,» Ozdoyev said.
The university responded to the prosecutor’s inquiry about this flash mob by saying that their students did not participate in the event, according to the prosecutor’s office response to Ozdoyev. There is a contradiction on all counts between the responses of the two agencies, the lawyer pointed out. He noted that he was more inclined to believe the prosecutor’s office.
«I will get acquainted with the case and we will appeal further,» Ozdoyev concluded.

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