Batyr Bagatyrev , a member of the Council of the Teips of Ingushetia, stated that the leadership of Chechnya is trying to intimidate the Ingush people by devaluing the report on the borders between the two republics when calling for bilateral talks.

«The other day we made an appeal, not to allow ourselves unflattering words, not to devalue neighborly relations. We also appealed to solve the issue according to the norms of Shariah and Vainakh adat. In this connection we sent a report to Chechnya. We asked you to establish bilateral commissions on land questions and in case of discrepancies to solve the problem in the Shariah court. However, officials from Chechnya wrote down the appeal, allowing themselves to make ugly remarks about us, mocking the prepared report,» he said.

The elders urged to stay within the limits of what is allowed, to be more tolerant. In response to the statements of the Chechen leadership, the Teip Council of Ingushetia responded with the words of the president of Russia.

«Whoever calls a name, calls a name,» the elders quoted Putin as saying.

Chairman of the national commission Askhab Goygov, speaking at an extraordinary meeting of the Teypov council , said that the party accepts the invitation to the Sharia court if several conditions are met. According to him, the Ingush people are waiting for an answer from the head of Chechnya to the claim to Sharia law that was announced 30 years ago.

«I declare in front of everyone that we will come to the Sharia court. We can only solve this issue there, but there are many questions to the conduct of the Sharia court and our conditions. […] Every action has to be step by step. When ChIASSR collapsed in 1991, there was a commission headed by Mullah Okhloev Osman. […] After the land issues arose, the commission visited Grozny and discussed the subject with the mufti and the Chechen Mehk Khel. Disagreements began, Okhloyev Osman then announced that the Ingush people were calling the Chechen people to Sharia, to determine the exact border,» Goygov said.

According to him, the invitation to the Sharia court has not lost its relevance. The sons of the mullah who witnessed the suit and the man who announced Osman Okhloyev’s will to the Chechen people are alive, he added.

«The evidence is there, that the Shariah was proclaimed back then. In spite of this, to this day we have not received an answer. Who should answer this question today? The answer should come from the leader of Chechnya, only he has the grounds for it, not Daudov. Ramzan Kadyrov must give an answer, for all Chechens — that is the first condition. We heard Kadyrov recently, where he said that the boundaries between the two republics were a closed matter, and that was the end of it. Kadyrov stressed that no matter what, this matter will not change. After such talk, what sort of Shariah law are Daudov and Delimkhanov talking about, claiming to lose their lives for every word from Kadyrov? The first thing that needs to be done is to meet that condition,» Askhab Goygov said.

The chairman of the national commission stressed that Kadyrov should personally announce the acceptance of the invitation to the Sharia court and secure the implementation of the Sharia decision.

«We need assurances that you will definitely comply with the Shariah decision. When conducting Shariah, you need to prepare for it. After the meeting of Daudov with Sultygov and Albogachiyev, the speaker of the parliament said that he had not received any complaints from the Ingush people. I’m just saying as I understood the conversation. Daudov said that they did not need anyone else’s and the matter would be resolved in a way that pleased the Almighty and his prophet. But his first and last conversations don’t add up. We were pleased with his words at the time, collected all the material, made them public and sent them to Chechnya. He says today that he hasn’t even read it, and he’s not going to read the material. I don’t understand his conversations. I have a suggestion, send this report, if needed again, let the experts read it. There’s nothing there to be crushed about. […] Let’s work together to resolve this issue, and what we can’t find out in the Shariah. Everything will be transparent. […] Our commission was not created to divide everyone, but to reconcile. You’re asking why we didn’t start in 1810? Let’s write. Send us your materials, we will also study and compare,» he concluded.

Earlier, Fortanga reported that the Speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov recorded a 24-minute video message to the Council of the Teips of the Ingush people. The speaker of the legislature harshly reprimanded the Ingush elders and called the public organization an «office» engaged in provocations. «Lorde» was outraged by a speech by the council’s acting chairman Murad Doskiyev, who said that Kadyrov’s behaviour was not befitting of a Muslim and a man.

«Fortanga published a report with the main provisions on the boundaries and territory of Ingushetia, prepared by the Nationwide Commission on Boundaries and Territory of the Republic, formed by the World Congress of the Ingush People on October 30, 2018. And in July 2021 the Teyp Council sent a document to the leaders of Chechnya and Ingushetia. In this work, cartographic materials and documents from the collections of the State Archive of the Republic of Ingushetia, from the Rosreestr and other state organizations and departments were used. According to the authors of the report, the document confirms that the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia transferred in 2018 under the agreement between the U-B. Yevkurov and R. Kadyrov of the Chechen Republic is an integral part of the Republic of Ingushetia.

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