An Ingush lawyer considered the calls to arm in the dialogue between the seller and the buyer in a weapon shop in Vladikavkaz to be extremist. He asked the police to check the video posted on social media.

On December 3, lawyer Basir Ozdoyev submitted a request to the CPE of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, in which he asked to check for calls to extremist activity the video, distributed in the social networks.

The action takes place in a gun shop in Vladikavkaz
In the video, one participant asks whether people will be armed if the conflict with Ingushetia escalates. The second responds that we should arm ourselves «while it’s still available».

Ozdoyev believes that the first person’s statements contain a call for extremist activity, which requires a legal assessment. Such actions inflame the ethnic situation, which could lead to riots, he said.

«The second person in the video is also provoking, (advising) that people arm themselves with anything. He aggravates the situation for potential interethnic conflicts. The CPE MIA, as a rule, reacts quickly to such manifestations. We also hope for a prompt intervention,» the lawyer told Fortanga.

According to Ozdoyev, he sent the application on December 3, and the next day it was delivered to Magas at the place of delivery. «Today (December 6), it is likely to go to the CPE of the Interior Ministry for response,» he believes.

Ozdoyev stressed that the video appeared a few days after the incident on November 10 near the village of Kartsa, Prigorodny district of North Ossetia.

«The provocation must be cut down at the root to stop any continuation of this provocation. Whoever the provocateur is and whatever nationality […], he must be held accountable,» Ozdoyev wrote on his Facebook page, attaching a copy of the statement to the police.

We should remind you that on November 10 an exchange of fire took place at a petrol station in Vladikavkaz between a group of Ossetians and Ingush. Two Ingush teenagers received gunshot wounds from traumatic weapons, and there were also injured participants on the side of the provocateurs.

The police detained the four instigators of the conflict. They turned out to be local residents between the ages of 21 and 30. The seized traumatic weapons were sent for examination, the agency added. The criminal case is being investigated under Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code «Hooliganism».

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