An Ingush woman imprisoned in Baghdad has appealed to the authorities for rescue. Mankieva Madina Abdulhamitovna said that she and her daughter were imprisoned by the Kurds when she went to Iraq to rescue her son, a militant.

«There are a lot of Vainakh prisoners who ended up behind bars due to different coincidences. I came to bring my son home with my younger daughter. Don’t leave us here. Take us home to our families! We realized a lot, we didn’t know what kind of country we were going to,» said Madina Mankieva, whose audio recording of the appeal was made available to Fortanga.

The woman said that she had had a stroke. «I got into a difficult situation. They don’t pay attention to us…. I have difficulty breathing. I have several illnesses. I beg you not to leave my request without attention! Solve my issue, take us home!» — she added.

Fortanga’s source said the audio is fresh. According to him, the woman is being held in Iraq for female prisoners, relatives of members of IS*.

«They are held by the Kurds… Some women may be accomplices of the fighters, but this one says she came for her son,» he concluded.

At the same time, according to the «Rosyskok Ingushetia» telegram channel, the mother and daughter are wanted by the FSB in Ingushetia for committing crimes under Articles 205.1 and 205.5 of the Criminal Code (facilitation of terrorist activity and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization).


* The organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia by a court.

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