A construction company controlled by natives of Chechnya owed millions of rubles to several dozen guestworkers in Moscow, workers from Ingushetia said.

One of the workers, electrician Adam Meyriev from Ingushetia, told Fortanga that the firm has not paid him about two million rubles, and in total owes wages to about 40 workers.

According to him, the company was a subcontractor of a large Moscow construction holding.

«I worked in Lyubertsy, there were many workers, painters, upholsterers, etc. Together with me. In fact they were «cheated» out of 12 million, maybe even more. We applied to the Sharia Court in Chechnya, but [the company owner] didn’t show up three times. We also reported the problem to Akhmed Dudayev, the Minister of National Policy and Foreign Relations of Chechnya. He only advised to solve the problem through the prosecutor’s office. These [natives of Chechnya] have created a system by which they ditch people, luring them with words about relations with the Chechen leadership,» said Adam Meyriev.

Another victim was Shamil Musayev, a foreman. He said that [the owner of the construction firm] introduced himself as a favorite of Ramzan Kadyrov. «We believed. And then we, all Muslims, were deceived — the residents of Ingushetia, Dagestan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. I ask Kadyrov to look into the situation», — said Musayev.

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