In their refusal to comply with a request to hold a rally against the conviction of Ingush activists, Moscow resident and Ingush activist Aza Korigova, the authorities referred to the difficult epidemiological situation.

On January 10, activist Aza Korigova received an answer to her notification about a rally calling for the annulment of the sentences of the seven Ingush protest leaders.

Authorities of the Central Administrative District of Moscow motivated the refusal by the fact that in the capital «the ban on public events continues to operate,» according to their response of December 30, 2021, a copy of which is available to «Fortanga. In the document they referred to «the current epidemiological situation … and point 2.5 of the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow dated June 8, 2020 № 68-UM «On the stages of removal of restrictions imposed in connection with the introduction of a high alert regime.

Aza Korigova told «Fortanga» that she expected a rejection, but since there was no answer for a long time, she «still hoped it would be positive.

The activist considers the refusal illegal. «By law, I don’t have to ask permission. I only have to notify the authorities. And what they referred to in the refusal is very convenient. They haven’t lifted the ban on public events, which means they can ban all undesirable things at the same time,» she was indignant.

Aza Korigova said that she intends to apply for a rally in Ingushetia.

Recall that on December 30, 2021 Ingush woman Aza Korigova gave notice of a rally in Moscow for the annulment of her unfair conviction of seven Ingush protest leaders. The event was scheduled for January 12 on Sakharov Avenue. Korigova and her relatives are from the territory of the Sunzhensky district, which was handed over to Chechnya as a result of an agreement concluded on September 26, 2018 between Ramzan Kadyrov and Yunus-Bek Evkurov. According to the activist, the authorities provoke a discussion about the fact that the residents of the area are ethnic Chechens.

Rallies against the Ingushetia-Chechnya border agreement have been held in Magas since autumn 2018. In March 2019, they turned into clashes with security forces and detentions of activists. A total of 46 people were arrested, most of them receiving real sentences on charges of violence against authorities. Akhmed Barakhoev, Musa Malsagov, Ismail Nalgiev, Zarifa Sautieva, Malsag Uzhakhov, Bagaudin Khautiev and Barakh Chemurziev, also detained in the rally case, were charged with extremism. On December 15, the Kislovodsk city court sentenced them to terms from 7.5 to 9 years in prison.

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