A mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from North Ossetia, Georgy Gagloev, recorded a video message in which he described the mysterious disappearance of his aunt Rimma Gagloeva on the border of Ingushetia and Chechnya at night on February 6-7.

According to a resident of Beslan, on the evening of February 6 a woman flew from Dubai to Grozny in order to travel from there to North Ossetia. Later, in Ingushetia, a car in which Gagloeva (with a passport named Ekaterina Gerenidis) was traveling with a cab driver was found on the border with Chechnya. There was no one in the car.

«She landed at 11:30 p.m., we called and she said she was doing fine and was on her way out. Since then nothing is known about her whereabouts. We immediately went to search, wrote a statement, we were told that the car was found near the border. Inside were all the things — passports, bags and other things, the car was washed at the car wash and cleaned of all fingerprints. No one can help us now, everywhere, you could say, they’re kicking us out. I appeal to Ramzan Kadyrov (The head of Chechnya — note. ed.) And asking for human help in finding my aunt. At night there were rumors that she and the driver were found, but they are still missing,» said Gagloyev in his video message.

This morning, Georgy Gagloyev told Fortanga that the situation has not yet changed, and that Ramzan Kadyrov’s aides have not yet contacted him. «Today we will go to Ingushetia and Chechnya again, there is no other way out, we hope all will be well,» said Gagloyev.

The press service of the Ingush Interior Ministry told Fortanga that they are conducting a check, but did not give any detailed comments. «We can’t say anything more. A check is being conducted,» the police said.

Recall that along with Rima Gagloeva, Adam Arsayev, a resident of the village of Kantyshevo in Nazranovsky district of Ingushetia, went missing. According to his brother, Vakha Arsaev, the car was found open near a gravel pit in Sunzha, near a Rosneft gas station. «The doors were open, and all the personal belongings of the driver and passenger, including documents, cell phones and luggage, were found inside,» he explained.

Later, there was information in social networks that the man was found and was at home, but the Arsaevs’ teyp held a meeting and denied this information. Adam Arsaev has five children — three sons and two daughters.

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