Sarazhdin Sultygov, co-chairman of the Mekh-Khel public organization, applied to the police with a statement about an attack on him by unknown assailants.

He told Fortanga that two unknown persons called his apartment in Nazran today. Sultygov, an older and visually impaired man, opened the door. One of them hit him and the other one filmed the whole thing on his phone, and then they both left in a car, Sultygov said.

«I filed a report with the police. The perpetrators are already known. They just punched me in the face and ran away. The usual show of force. They want to show that everyone is within their reach. It’s no coincidence that one was filming on camera — for the customer,» he said.

According to Sultygov, the police found out that the attackers lived in Ingushetia and, after viewing video surveillance cameras at the entrance to the building, found out that they drove away in a black BMW with license plates No. 95 (Chechnya). This was confirmed by the neighbors.

Recall that the co-chairman of the public organization «Mekh-Khel» Sarazhdin Sultygov in November 2021 sharply criticized Ramzan Kadyrov in connection with his statements about the border between Chechnya and Ingushetia. After that, information about preparations for an assassination attempt on him and other Ingush activists who criticized the head of Chechnya appeared on the Web. However, Instagram users did not believe in the validity of this information.

In January, Sultygov responded to Ramzan Kadyrov’s demand for justified claims within three days from the Ingush people.

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