Residents of Ingushetia expressed outrage in social networks because of the closure of the route of the high-speed train «Lastochka» from Nazran to Mineralnye Vody.

A few days ago it became known that the route has temporarily suspended its operation due to low traffic and unprofitability. Dzhamaleil Kostoev, head of the transport complex development department of the Ministry of Industry and Digital Development of Ingushetia, said that the decision was made by the North Caucasus Railways.

«Kostoev was quoted by TASS as saying: «We don’t want to close the connection with Mineralnye Vody completely, so at the moment we are working and negotiating with passenger companies in the North Caucasus, which could organize a route from Ingushetia to Mineralnye Vody by rail.

At the same time, nothing is yet known about the opening date of the new routes Kostoev talks about. In social networks, residents of Ingushetia expressed dissatisfaction with such a decision, letters are also coming to the feedback of «Fortanga» in Instagram.

«Because of this «Lastochka» they closed the Nazran-Kislodovsk route from the bus station in the fall, and now the «Lastochka» itself. We have everything as usual,» Rashid N. said indignantly.

Subscriber Mohammed H. told me that the route was very convenient. «It was convenient for those who went to the hospital or for work. They left in the morning and could return in the evening, and in between they could finish their business in peace,» he wrote.

Instagram users of the Observer of Ingushetia also commented on the news of the route’s closure.

«They opened the route and closed it — officials are worried about themselves, afraid to say a word. They feel good, but they don’t care about people and children», says a user nicknamed tsitskiev65.

«Who would doubt it… It’s always like this with us: first there’s supposedly a strong flow of passengers, and then suddenly it’s over… And the passengers disappear somewhere, and the flights are unprofitable… We’re getting used to it, gentlemen. This is Ingushetia,» writes chelowek_iz_proschlogo.

«It’s a pity, the tickets were affordable, costing 400-500 rubles. And now, if you go by the company train, you have to pay 1500 rubles for the coach, and it only runs on even-numbered days,» notes ingorel_06.

The high-speed train from Nazran to Minvody was launched in September 2021. Thanks to him, the travel time between the two cities was reduced from four to two and a half hours. The opening ceremony of the route was attended by the head of the republic, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov. He called the event «a great gift to all the inhabitants of the republic.

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