The election in Ingushetia hasn’t even started yet, and the United Russia party has already presented ways of rigging the primaries,» said lawyer Magomed Bekov.

As always, there was no shortage of «state employees» to get involved. The heads of budgetary institutions have been instructed to ensure that all employees register on the advance voting website.

At the same time, school principals and head doctors of hospitals, require employees to show screenshots of pages after registration and then vote for the right candidates. Thus, they are trying to create a semblance of support for those candidates with whom agreements have been made behind the scenes and who should thus be included in the list of candidates for nomination, the lawyer says.

According to Magomed Bekov, candidates are asked to collect and submit 300 questionnaires with personal data of citizens. This data will then be used to register them on the site and vote again for the right candidates.

The primaries (election of a single candidate from a political party) will last from May 24 to 30. In the course of voting the residents of the region will be able to choose who will represent them in the legislative body from the «United Russia» party. It is these voting results, that will make it possible to participate in the main elections this fall.

We would remind you that federal and regional elections to the State Duma of the 8th convocation, local authorities of different levels will be held on September 19 this year.

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