The republic with a population of more than 500 thousand people showed unprecedented activity in the primaries of the ruling party.

The total number of votes received by the candidates for Ingushetia’s National Assembly in the preliminary voting was 1.2 million. By comparison, Rosstat estimated the population of Ingushetia itself at 515,564 people as of January 1, 2021, of whom the Election Commission approved 231,557 as voters for the upcoming elections. That is, 1.2 million is not even 146% — it is 519% of those entitled to vote in Ingushetia.

Issa Kostoyev, an adviser to the head of Ingushetia, was the leader of the primaries — he received 29755 votes. By comparison, that’s 13% of all Ingush voters for 2021. Kostoyev is now at the head of the «United Russia» list for the elections to the People’s Assembly of the republic.

In second place in the primaries was Beslan Khamchiev, a Federation Council member from Ingushetia, who received 2,731 votes, which is comparable to the number of voters in Malgobek city (26,300).

Mikhail Ilezov, who received 24,890 votes, finished third. In comparison, this is more than the number of people entitled to vote in Sunzhensky District — 23,813 people.

A total of 167 people participated in the party primaries, including the current deputies of the «United Russia». Only those who voted against the agreement on borders between Chechnya and Ingushetia are missing.

Earlier, Fortanga wrote that the United Russia primaries list included incumbent MPs who in 2018 supported an agreement that provided for the transfer of part of Ingushetia’s land to Chechnya.

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