The parents two weeks ago contacted to law enforcement officials and to the Ombudsman for Children’s Rights in Ingushetia, demanding an investigation into a law enforcement officer who had beaten two minors at a traffic police post in Magas, but there was no response. They fear that the case will be hushed up and the perpetrators will escape responsibility.

Aslan Albogachiyev, the uncle of the victims, told Fortanga that the incident took place on November 10 at about 11 p.m. Moscow time at a checkpoint of the traffic police in Magas. The 17-year-old cousins ordered a cab and drove from the store to their home in the village of Ekazhevo. However, the car was stopped by the traffic police. The police officer at first spoke only with the cab driver, but then a man in civilian clothes came to the car and asked the brothers to get out. The teenagers themselves later said that the man took them to the side of the concrete fence and started searching them. Seeing a lemon in Ramzan’s pocket, which the young man had bought for his uncle for a cold, the officer began yelling at the children and threatening to plant the psychotropic drug Lyrica in their pockets. Everything happened in front of the traffic police, said Aslan Albogachiev.

Then a man in civilian clothes started beating the teenagers. «He started hitting me in the face, thereby breaking my lower lip … started hitting me in the chest and abdomen, from which I felt a strong pain in my chest, I could not breathe and at that moment I felt sick,» a relative of one of the victims said.

The guys asked the traffic police to intervene, but one of the policemen said they had to do whatever the man in plain clothes said, because he was a law enforcement officer.

Both teenagers sought medical attention after the incident. The teenagers received various injuries, according to medical reports (copies of certificates are at the disposal of «Fortanga»). Thus, one of them had a bruised ear, lip injuries, blunt trauma to the abdomen.

The relatives found out that the man who had beaten up the teenagers was a member of the law enforcement agencies. «Recently, the parents [of the teenagers] were received by the head of the Investigative Committee for Ingushetia, Andrei Konovod. Investigator Ilez Mutaliev is conducting a check-up. We also applied to the Magas Department of Internal Affairs. So far, all is quiet, no one is taking any real action, even though two weeks have already passed. There has been no reaction from the Children’s Rights Ombudsman, whom we also applied to,» Aslan Albogachiyev complained.

He claims that this enforcer was following the brothers. Aslan Albogachiyev also said that the day before, intruders had dug up the grave of his brother Abubakar in Ekazhevo and trampled on it. Abubakar was killed a year ago by unknown assailants. Aslan does not rule out that there may be a connection between the two incidents.

The police have started an official check on information that a police officer beat up two people at a post at the entrance to the republic’s capital Magas, the press service of the Ingushetian Interior Ministry said.

«A citizen applied to the front office of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Magas with a statement that a police officer had beaten her seventeen-year-old son and nephew at the stationary post ‘Almaz-503’ located at the entrance to the city,» the ministry said in a statement.

Subdivision of the internal security of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting an internal inspection, on the basis of which the actions of the employee will be given an appropriate assessment, the report said.

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