Experts polled by Fortanga believe that the checkpoints on the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya, which were abolished recently, should be brought back. The latest event that convinced them of the need to return to border control was the mysterious disappearance of the driver Adam Arsayev from Nazran district and his passenger Rimma Gagloeva from North Ossetia.

In a conversation with Fortanga, Magomed Khazbiyev, co-chairman of the Ingush regional branch of the Civil Initiative party, expressed the opinion that checkpoints controlling entry and exit from the republic should be established both on the border with Chechnya and on the border with North Ossetia.

«This is not the first case of such an incomprehensible disappearance. It often happens that people disappear somewhere in Chechnya, and then they are found in Ingushetia. This is a well-established practice, and the posts can help solve this problem. Of course, I’m not talking about hundreds of equipped officers with submachine guns, but at least a few officers and cameras to record everything should be there,» he believes.

Khazbiyev believes that the absence of posts «played into the hands» of the attackers on public activist Sarazhdin Sultygov as well. «They could have been detained immediately if there had been some kind of control,» Khazbiyev is sure.

Amir Sultygov, former deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, expressed concern about the situation. He also thinks that the border of the republic should be marked with a post.

«Of course, it is not the fact that this post will control the entire flow of traffic, because in this case there will be large traffic jams, but people who commit crimes will even psychologically feel that they can get caught at any moment. By the way, I do not agree with the decision that the officers who were on duty at post 20 on the night of the disappearance should be punished, because this problem is systemic,» Sultygov told Fortanga.

According to historian and social activist Yakub Gogiyev, after recent events, Ingushetia’s border has become akin to a «frontier.

«At the exit from Ossetia, there’s a ‘Chermensky post,’ where customs control, up to a hundred people per shift, there are almost X-ray machines, and on the Chechen side there’s also a post. And then you go into Ingushetia — and no one cares about the border at all. That’s why we have people missing in the 21st century. Tomorrow others may disappear like this. And, again, the attack on Sultygov: they drove quietly into the republic and tried to beat up a man for his position. Is this a republic or a passing yard? People tolerate it, but sooner or later it comes out, like under Yevkurov,» Gogiyev told Fortanga.

Recall that Adam Arsayev and Rimma Gagloeva disappeared in the evening of February 6, and since then nothing is known about their fate and whereabouts. Gagloeva’s nephew in an interview with «Kavkaz. Realii «* suggested that the disappearance of his aunt may be connected with a campaign of persecution of fortune-tellers in Chechnya. «My aunt used to remove the evil eye from children, she had many visitors from different countries — from America and Egypt to Russia. I assume that Chechens visited her, and in order to get information about these clients, they took her away,» he believes.

* the edition is included in the list of The following is a list of the foreign media performing the functions of a foreign agent, compiled by the Ministry of Justice of Russia.

Photo: Maxim Korotchenko / TASS

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