The law enforcers released Isa Bekov, who came to a picket in Magas with a poster in support of convicted protest leaders, after drawing up a report on the violation of the masked regime.

«My nephew Bekov Isa Magomedovich went out on a picket in Magas as a sign of support for our prisoners! He was taken to the CPE by our staff, who in response to his indignation that he did not violate the rules of holding a solitary picket, referred to some order, and (said) that … they were servile people». lawyer Magomed Bekovwrote today on his Facebook page.

The police asked Ise Bekov the standard questions: who financed him, who asked him to picket, then they drew up a report on the violation of the mask regime, but did not give him anything, said the lawyer. «In addition, the police called his father Magomed and wanted him to come to the department and scold his son. Magomed refused and replied that if he was 10 years younger, he would have come to the picket himself,» Magomed Bekov wrote.

During the picket, Isa Bekov stood with a banner reading «Put away the remaining 500,000 Ingush. Soon the law enforcers arrived and took him away.

On December 15 Kislovodsk city court passed sentences on seven defendants in the «Ingush case» accused of extremism and organization of mass unrest. The activists received from 7 and a half to 9 years in prison. Lawyers called the sentence unfair and harsh.

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