Sarazhdin Sultygov, co-chairman of the public organization Mekh-Khel, responded to Ramzan Kadyrov’s demand for justified claims from the Ingush people within three days.

Sultygov made three main claims against the head of Chechnya. The first deals with the territorial issue, the second with unflattering comments made by high-ranking officials towards the Ingush people, and the third with abusive acts against refugees from Ingushetia who were registered as living in Grozny during the military campaign.

In particular, Sultygov asked Kadyrov to create a bilateral commission to determine the borders between Ingushetia and Chechnya.

«Take one step back. Seat commissions on both sides of the land issue, let them work. If not, let us know about it […] Here’s one reasoned claim. To step back to the starting point, to determine the border along the entire perimeter […] You once promised to let go of these territories, where the Khashiyevs’ teyp lived. There are Ingush cemeteries there […] we have to die, we’re Muslims who are going to meet the Almighty. It’s not a big issue Ramzan, not worth spilling a single drop of blood among our peoples,» he said in a 32-minute video message to Ramzan Kadyrov.

Sultygov is sure that relations between the peoples will not improve as long as the territorial issue remains acute. He believes the nations will look at each other through the prism of this agreement all their lives. The co-chairman of the Mekh-Khel NGO claims that the disputed mountainous area has Chechen cemeteries, and the Orstkhoi people who live in Chechnya are afraid to say they are Orstkhoi, claiming they are Chechens.

Sultygov said that Ingush who have been living in Grozny for a long time are being artificially obstructed. He recalled that during the two military campaigns, the Ingush people supported the Chechens.

«Under various pretexts they are removed from this register, put back on the list, thrown back. Don’t let this happen. Don’t ask the owners of Ingush houses to give up their homes, free the houses of Ingush people. We’ll thank you for it,» stressed Sultygov.

The co-chairman of the public organization Mekh-Khel asked Kadyrov to ask high-ranking Chechen officials to refrain from using unflattering language towards the Ingush people.

«You talk about fraternal relations. Take care of that brotherhood, so it’s not one-sided. Take one step towards us, we’ll take three steps towards you! Then there will be brotherhood between us and respect for each other,» he concluded.

Fortanga previously reported that the head of Chechnya had addressed the Ingush people and demanded to know their official claims. The leader of Chechnya gave exactly three days for the official accusations to be brought against the Ingush side.

Ilez Barakhoyev was the first to respond to Kadyrov’s video appeal. He asked the head of Chechnya to recognize the words said to his father as «unnecessary. Ilez later said that the issue with the head of Chechnya was resolved after a telephone conversation.

Recall that in 2021 Sultygov interceded for the elders after harsh statements by the Chechen leadership against Ingush activists and the Teip Council of the republic. Later, an informed source told Fortanga that a series of murders were being organized against Sultygov and other activists who criticized the Chechen authorities for attacks on Ingush people and the Teip Council in Chechnya.

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