Residents of Ingush villages bordering Chechnya suspect the management of Ingushmeliovodkhoz of squatting on the republic’s property because of border changes. Its new director is trying to get certainty on the issue of the boundary of the republic, to understand what should be on the balance sheet of the institution.

Residents of the villages Berd-Yurt and G1azhariy-Yurt (Nesterovskaya village — note. ed.) are concerned, in particular, about the fate of facilities related to the Assin hydroelectric dam. We are talking about a hangar for storing equipment, two underground bunkers and a cottage. The buildings were in Ingushetia, but after the agreement on border changes was signed they ended up in Chechnya, a local resident said on the condition of anonymity.

He noted that the fears of the residents are associated with the possible sale of these facilities to Chechnya.

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The source also reports that «in order to transfer the infrastructure and the facility into federal ownership, the Sunzhensky branch of Ingushmeliovodkhoz was allocated 26 million rubles.

These facilities have always been federal, not republican, property, Abubakar Merzhoyev, head of Ingushmeliovodkhoz, told Fortanga.

«The dam, like all other facilities of the Assinovsky hydroscheme, is under the operational management of the FGBU Ingushmeliovodkhoz, but the property rights belong to the Russian Federation. They are maintained at the expense of the federal budget. The region and, even more so, the district or rural settlement have nothing to do with it,» Merzhoyev explained.

He also said that these facilities are not on the balance sheet of Ingushmeliovodkhoz, and «the company cannot transfer, lease or sell the property that is under its operational control.

According to him, the company did not receive 26 million rubles for the re-registration of property rights of the Russian Federation. «In 2021, funds were received for this, five times less. However, these facilities were not on the list because they are not on the balance sheet of Ingushmeliovodkhoz, are on the territory of Chechnya, and there were no documents for them,» Merzhoyev commented.

According to his claims, the previous management of the Sunzhensky branch kept in disarray and even concealed documents of title to these facilities. He became head of Ingushmeliovodkhoz in September 2020, after which he also replaced the heads of the agency’s branches.

Now lawyers and cadastrologists are involved to find out the reasons for not placing the objects on the balance sheet and the exact coordinates of the new border,» he said. — The coordinates of the borders will help to understand whose territory these objects are located now. However, regardless of the balance keeper of the Assa-Sunzha canal, which includes the Assinovsky hydroscheme, the owner doesn’t change — in any case it’s the Russian Federation!»

Merzhoyev said that he plans to address the Ingush and Chechen parliaments in connection with this situation.

Recall that on October 16, 2018, the agreement on the establishment of administrative borders between Chechnya and Ingushetia, signed by the heads of the republics on September 26 of the same year, entered into force. The document provoked mass protests in Ingushetia. Participants in the rally, which turned into clashes with security forces, were detained, arrested, and given prison sentences.

«Fortanga published a report with the main provisions on the boundaries and territory of Ingushetia, prepared by the Nationwide Commission on Boundaries and Territory of the Republic, formed by the World Congress of the Ingush People on October 30, 2018. And in July 2021 the Teyp Council sent a document to the leaders of Chechnya and Ingushetia. In this work, cartographic materials and documents from the collections of the State Archive of the Republic of Ingushetia, from the Rosreestr and other state organizations and departments were used. According to the report’s authors, the document confirms that the territory transferred is an integral part of Ingushetia.

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