The search in the house of Ramazan Dugiev, a resident of the village of Kantyshevo, is connected with the rally case, a source told Fortanga.

Today, around 5:30 Moscow time two Gazelles with armed security guards and several cars drove up to the house of Ramazan Dugiev, where he lives with his parents. «The officers were all armed and in full ammunition. They went to his house, looked, searched, found no one, and left. But they said they would come back later. The parents didn’t complain, they said that [the law enforcers] behaved adequately. They did not show the decision to prosecute, but they said that it was related to the suspicions of the rallies,» said a local resident on condition of anonymity.

According to him, Ramazan’s parents have serious hearing problems and they are his dependents. The source noted that searches on the rally case have not been conducted recently, and this visit by law enforcement officers came as a surprise.

Recall, the rally case is related to the protests that took place in Magas on March 26-27, 2019. Their participants opposed the border agreement with Chechnya. The rallies turned into clashes with security forces and detentions of activists. A total of 46 people were arrested, most of them receiving real sentences on charges of violence against authorities. Akhmed Barakhoev, Musa Malsagov, Ismail Nalgiev, Zarifa Sautieva, Malsag Uzhakhov, Bagaudin Khautiev and Barakh Chemurziev, also detained in the rally case, were charged with extremism. On December 15, the Kislovodsk city court sentenced them to terms from 7.5 to 9 years in prison.

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