The co-chairman of the public organization «Mekh-Khel» («People’s Court») criticized Chechen authorities for insults directed at the Council of the Teips of Ingushetia.

Sarajdin Sultygov recorded a 40-minute video message addressed to Ramzan Kadyrov, the Speaker of the Chechen Parliament Magomed Daudov and State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov.

In response to a statement by the head of Chechnya in which he referred to the Ingush activists as «provocateurs» and a «handful», he stressed that «it’s not a ‘handful’ — it’s the Ingush people». «Every word you say against them concerns the Ingush people. You reproach the people who stood up for you! You are talking about civil society that came out to the rally, about political prisoners […] These are people who are respected by the people,» said the co-chair of the organization.

Responding to Kadyrov’s claim that the Chechen authorities have the power to take back the «Chechen lands» that remain in Ingushetia, Sultygov said the head of Chechnya will not succeed in intimidating the Ingush people. The head of Chechnya will not succeed in intimidating the Ingush people, Sultygov said in response to Kadyrov’s threats to take away the «Chechen lands» that remain of the Ingush.

«You say you have power, but when Putin bangs his fist on the table, the chair you’re sitting on will stagger. […] Are you saying that you will take our territories? I swear by Allah no! You will enter our republic with your followers, as far as Mr. Putin will allow you, but not one more step. […] Every time I’m more and more convinced that your father was more worthy than you,» Sultygov stressed. He was more shrewd and looked further than you. Tactics you win today, but strategy you lose».

Sarazhdin Sultygov asked the Chechen authorities to be more careful in their statements. He says that harsh statements about Ramzan Kadyrov making a «flag» out of the Ingush people’s trousers could have the opposite effect.

«Do you think you can make a sail out of anyone’s trousers? I swear by Allah no, and if you do you will have to fear for your trousers yourself. Tell us not what we do not allow concerning you. […] And if thou insult us and think that we will not answer thee, thou art wrong. Those words will backfire on you Ramzan. Today you have money, an army and the support of the Kremlin. But the time will come when you’ll have to look back,» emphasized Sultygov.

He reproached the Chechen leader for fomenting inter-ethnic discord and undermining brotherly relations between the Ingush and Chechen peoples.

«You say you have the power. […] Do you say that you will take our territories? By Allah, no! You will enter our republic with your followers as far as Mr. Putin will let you, but not a step further,» Sultygov stressed.

In his speech he also mentioned Akhmat Kadyrov, the father of the current Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov and the republic’s first president. «He was shrewder and looked further than you,» Sultygov said.

He asked the Chechen authorities to be more careful in their statements. «Don’t tell us what we don’t allow against you […] And if you, by insulting us, think that we won’t respond to you, you are mistaken,» Sultygov stressed.

The co-chairman of the Ingush Mekh-Khel reminded Kadyrov of the support given by the Ingush to the Chechen people during the Chechen war. This includes support for the first president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev. «When you were fighting, we supported you, but you have forgotten that. It is not the people of Chechnya who have forgotten, but you have forgotten,» he noted.

He recalled that Ruslan Aushev did not challenge Sernovodsk and Assinovsk because he said that most of the people living there were Chechens. «We have always helped you, supported you. You remember Aushev’s support for you,» he concluded.

Sultygov also reminded Kadyrov of the bullying of his own people. He noted that the Ingush have a very different way of life.

We don’t punch our elders in the face, we don’t stun gun our women. We don’t take our pants off and put guys on the treadmill, we don’t put our people on the bottle. We’re of a slightly different mindset. It is not true that we will be silent when you have taken our lands. […] You say we are descended from Chechens. I swear to Allah no! We’re well aware of that. The worst part is that you yourself know the truth and are lying. Look at history,» he said.

He also supported Askhab Goygov, the chairman of the All-National Commission, who had earlier replied in a video to the speaker of the Chechen Parliament. After our face-to-face meeting with Daudov, we thought the confrontation between us was over, Sultygov added.

«People have only just calmed down. And then Ramzan Kadyrov says he’s put a stop to the border question. I’m wondering what sort of Shariah you want to impose on Daudov then? That’s not the way Sharia is made, Magomed, there are many nuances there. Askhab Goygov didn’t leave you with a single argument,» he reminded me.

Sultygov also pointed out that in the opinion of the Ingush people the border is the Shelkovskoy, Naursky and Kargalinsky districts, the mountainous part of Ingushetia, Sernovodsk and Assinovsk.

Earlier, Chechen Parliament Speaker Magomed Daudov reproached the Teip Council of Ingushetia for the failure of the elders to appear at the Sharia court on the land issue. He also threatened to take back what he thought were Chechen lands by looking at what Russian law says.

«Fortanga also reported that the Teip Council of Ingushetia said it was ready to go to trial at the Sharia court on issues concerning the demarcation of territory between Ingushetia and Chechnya, but only if Ramzan Kadyrov made an official statement accepting the court’s decision.

A few days ago at a field meeting in the Galanchozhsky district the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, announced that he would take back the Chechen lands given by Dzhokhar Dudayev from neighbouring Ingushetia if the Ingush did not calm down. According to him, the agreement on the establishment of the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya in 2018, is a fraternal service.

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